• 25 Jun 2011
  • 5:30 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Charlotte, NC
  • 75
On the Saturday evening of General Assembly, CUUPS will hold a mini-Convocation in Charlotte, North Carolina - within walking distance of GA - but off of the actual GA grounds so that local non-GA attendees can participate without having to pay GA registration fees.

Planned Events:
* Midsummer's Ritual - Phaedra Bonewits will lead us thru a ritual celebrating midsummer (in the ampitheatre at a nearby park.)
* Workshop 1: Liturgically Earth-Centered UU Congregations. Reps from a few of the UUA's Earth-Centered congregations share their stories and best practices about how UU's "do church" when the membership is primarily Pagan!
* Workshop 2: Panthea, the UUA's first Pagan Congreation. For over a decade Panthea provided a distinctly Pagan-flavored example of UUism in the Chicago area. One of the founding members, Phaedra Bonewits will share with us how it came to be - and what limitations it faced.
* CUUPS Annual Meeting & Banquet: This year, in addition to our Annual Business Meeting, we have a special presentation at our Banquet - the winner of our very first sermon contest.
* After Party - those of us with fortitude and stamina will get together after the ritual to drum into the night!
All of this is just $25 - and registered GA attendees get a $15 discount!
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